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Have you heard YouTube has a new design, here are some of the new things you will see rolling out on YouTube. I've been with YouTube thur it's many changes and up's and down's and I've stuck thur it all and this is yet another change but I must say I'm not mad at YouTube for these changes. FYI, you haven't been invited to test this out yet, I have a link at the bottom of this post for you!

A distinctive element like the blue video title links are now toned down to a black color, and the sidebar menus have been cleaned up, and even the YouTube logo and the search bar in the upper left are smaller.  Our channel icon is now smaller and round now on our channel page. And now there is a lot more room to express yourself on  your channel banners, I'll be taking advantage of this, check out my channel, click here and see below:

Also now when you scroll down in the Home and Subscriptions sections and content just populates automatically instead of having to click "Load more," or how you change your language (it's now in your profile settings instead of at the footer of the page). FYI, everything that was in our footer in now under our creator studio. 
Another great feature, when someone comes to your channel page your subscribe button is in a BIG BOLD red and the size of the button has been increase and made to stand out more. When in my opinion can only help us, as I too am trying to get to 200K followers, so don't forget to subscribe and spread the word, click here. A BIG Thanks!
The new aesthetic is pleasant and immediately makes the current/old version look outdated. So say goodbye to the dull gray background and say hello to the new look!

This video from YouTube Help will give a visual look at the new design below:

Now things on YouTube will be running a little faster and smoother, but long term we'll see bigger features like the site's new Dark Theme, which swaps out white for black and is way easier on the eyes at night. I've been this flip on some other sites that are for adults only, I guess I won't mention that, lol!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this has been informative! And if you have been invited to try the new look, click here to test it out and tell me what you think.

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