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Here's are the Top 5 YouTuber's I'm loving right now and don't forget to subscriber to my YouTube channel also (click here) for my latest videos and I'd love to hear what other videos you'd love to see me do. I'm personally subscribed to all of these great YouTube channels below!

FYI, keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm trying to hit 200K with your help, click here!

1. Alonzo is truly funny and out spoken, he just makes the watch time go by super fast and effortless, a definite must subscribe and watch his rants and funny reviews are to die for! 

2. If you're into DYI's, How To's, Room Tours then Nastazsa is your girl, I love her channel and she also some times collaborate with Drew Scott, which is also great at these types of minimal decors with easy to follow steps!

3. My girl Queenii, is one of the to go to channel's for makeup i.e. beauty and food tastings! I've had the pleasure the to really get to know her not only on YouTube but off of YouTube also, to the point I went to her wedding last year. It's amazing when you start connecting with some YouTuber's and it leads to a true friendship off of YouTube also!

4. When I'm looking for some live gossip interviews I head to The Breakfast Club, I've been a listener for so many years so when they finally started video taping their morning shows I just fell in love even more and even more radio stations have jumped on the bank wagon. 

5. My Channel, me of course, did you think I was going to leave myself out, lol! I believe it or not I love watching my own videos as a fan and to see how I can improve on my videos and create great new content. I'm just saying with over 24 million views I think other people are watching too, lol!


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