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Are you a makeup lover, makeup artist, nail art lover or professional and you want to grow your makeup/nail collection, which can be very pricey, well goto my Poshmark Closet at Dearnatural62 where you can find brand name makeup/nail products for a discounted price and so much more!

I'm selling brand new makeup products at a discounted price and for an even better deal you will also get 15% off a bundle of 3 or more items at checkout . Not only do I have makeup items, but I have tools, brushes and I will be adding nail products very shortly.

To give you an idea of the name brand makeup products I'm selling, it's brands like MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, iT Cosmetics, Tarte, and so much more and I also have skincare products and tools for you in one place.

I'm constantly adding to my Poshmark Closet  so I'm sure you will find something that you've been looking for but isn't willing to pay the high prices for.  So join in on the great deals I have going at my Poshmark Closet at Dearnatural62. And for my nail girls not to worry I will be adding nail products and tools also very shortly.

In the near future, I'm looking to add high end luxury items at a discounted price also from bags to accessories! So what are you waiting for, head to my Poshmark Closet and start shopping!

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