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Biopic on 90's R&B Group Xscape On The Horizon!
Bravo is developing a new Biopic on the 
90's girl group, Xscape.
"The Biopic is going to show us coming back together to make history again," Tamika Scott said. I'm truly looking forward to seeing this and the back story of this amazing girl group.

The ladies revealed that they were in talks with 
Mona Scott-Young's production company, 
Monami Entertainment, about handling the project chronicling their journey in the music industry.

"You'll get to see the process of us getting back in the lab and learning each other all over again as adults," Tamika said. "Even though we've been friends since we were teenagers, we're all grown now so, it's about learning each other's habits and ways of thinking today. Plus, figuring out the music and choreography."

The group also shared that following the Biopic , an official biopic will be released and will feature long-awaited new music for fans.

“Next year will be 25 years since we released our first number one single, “Just Kickin’ It,” Tamila says. “So, we’re doing our biopic and within the biopic, we’ll be doing original music. ” Xscape was one of the more sucessful R&B girl groups, with three consecutive platinum albums and six Top 10 hits on the Billboard Charts.  
Not a whole album but, you’ll be able to get some new songs.

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