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Check out these great products I received from Sky Organics and I've been using them on my natural hair and skin and loving the results. One of the great things is that you can use these product by themselves or create a mixture with them.

Sky Organics uses only natural, organic botanical to nourish our body, skin and hair with vital nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and essential fatty acids. They strive to support small family farms that in return give them the opportunity to share their best and purest products with us.

Castor oil has a deep conditioning agent, known to grow thick and shiny hair, grow lush eyelashes, prevent hair loss and repair split ends. Its rare and dense content of ricinoleic acid will balance your skin’s and scalp pH to foster better hair growth.  Castor oil is known for its healing powers, that will repair dry and sun-burned skin and even help you fade scars.  I've been using castor oil for years now for my natural hair and skin that everyone loves and adores.

Pure Peppermint Oil is known for its powerful benefits. Mix a few drops with Almond Oil and massage your abdomen to relief menstrual cramps and indigestion's. As a distinguished expectorant, Peppermint Oil can help you alleviate chest colds and allergies, and open up your airways Whereas, inhaling the oil when hungry can temporarily fight off appetite and help you lose weight. Peppermint oil can also help for muscle pain, for headaches and so on.

The wax-like texture of our cold-pressed unrefined Jojoba Oil is perfect for oily as or dry skins. It tricks the body, so that it does not produce natural oils, yet it locks in the moisture for extended periods, making it a great ally during dry and cold weather.  This allows you to feel hydrated but not sticky. Use it to deep clean your face and prevent acne or as oil on your hands and feet for a relaxing Mani Pedi. I would recommend this as a licensed nail technician.  I also use Jojoba Oil in my pre poo for my natural hair.  

I will be sharing more of the products I receive in the future, follow me on Instagram at Dearnatural62 for some open box videos I've done

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