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The next time you decide you walk into a shower in the gym barefoot I hope these images haunts you into realizing that you should be wearing slippers in any public shower. 

A man in Texas caught a flesh-eating infection after taking a shower with his barefoot in the gym. What started as a singular wart grew into five of them, as well as open wounds, according to the Daily Mail. He went to the gym and forgot his slippers at home but didn't want to go back to work smelling badly so he decided to take the risk and take a shower without them.

And this was the results, granted this is the extreme, but why take any chances with your health, your skin if it's not necessary.

Usually at high end resorts and spas they provide you with slippers or you can bring your own from home, either way as a licensed nail tech I would advise wearing something on your feet to avoid health issues like these and others in the future.

It's always great to be reminded of these things, especially with summer right around the corner and everyone heading to the gym to get their summer bodies!  Have fun in the gym, just be safe at the same time!

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