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Recently I've been approached by several married men, engaged and men claiming to be in open relationships and so on.  Normally my first question to anyone is, are you single, single? You notice I say it twice to draw more importance to the word, lol!  

And most times it takes them a minute to admit their situation, not sure if I'm the first that their willing to pick out on their currently relationship with or just the thought of being honest is hard for most people. But for the honest ones, at first you think this is nice someone that's honest and forth right about their current situation but then reality hits and you think why are you stepping to me?

If another married man steps to me, approaches me about dating, and or having some sort of chick on the side relationship, I'm going to SCREAM! This can give you a complex, and questions start to arise, why me, what vibe am I giving out, am I sending out mix messages, what is it. Is this all their is, is this my life?  And after all those internal examinations of self and you realize that it's not you, now here comes the big question how do to stop this pattern from occurring.  

I say pattern because this has been happening for a while now and I've tried not to focus on it, don't give it life and it just won't manifest, RIGHT! 

So I decided to share this on #YouTube and see where this takes me, a personally journey of reflection, of understanding both relationships between people. (Stay tune for this)

Would you date a married man? Are you open to being with someone in an open relationship? Are open relationships really open on both sides?

(pic is just a sample used from google, I don't know the man in this pic. Just wanted to state that so he doesn't get in trouble, lol)

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