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As a way of saying thank you to all my nails girls, both the ones that do it for fun and my professional girls doing their thing.

I've giving away a nail hand trainer to practice on and get great at your craft.  This practice hand is an effective training and practice tool for nail lovers, nail students and professional technicians.  Each finger part is flexible and life-like hand with the exception of removable nails (which click into place). The Nail Trainer practice hand's fingers pivot and rotate like human fingers,you won't belive how life-like it is ! Practice any nail skill or nail 
application on the Nail Trainer practice hand as if you were using a human hand A Nail 
Trainer Hand will also help you.

  • Eliminate mistake on Nails
  • Speed the learning process and increase your skill level

    • Help you train basic manicure techniques and create perfect nail artwork
    • Movable joint lets you easily twist the hand at an angle that is comfortable to work
    • Crafted from high-grade plastic material, tough and durable
    • Come with 100 pieces of fake nails for practicing applications
    • High quality, fine workmanship

    • 1. Material: Plastic
    • 2. Color: Black & Skin Color
    • 3. Length: 78 cm
    • 4. Weight: 21oz / 600g

What is included:
    • 1 x Hand Model
    • 1 x 100 Nails

Here are the RULES:

1. Follow me on Instagram @Dearnatural62 -

2. Repost Pic & use this hash tag: #DNGIVE
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4. Ends 9/23 at Midnight
5. OPEN to Everyone 

Good luck to everyone!

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