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A high school in Louisville, Kentucky is now under fire when a parent of an incoming sophomore posted pages from the school's new dress code, which is banning 3 of the most popular hair styles for women with natural hair. Attica Scott, whose daughter attends Butler Traditional High School, posted the photos on her Twitter account

Let's stop focusing on hair and hair style and focus on the quality of education in the school system. Let's focus on bullying and suicide rates in teens. Let's focus on the rate of high school students going to college. There are just so many more things to focus on then how my natural hair is styled, colored and bejewelled.

And what's worst is to put this in writing and focusing on this as if this is an issue, creating a hatred for natural hair under a spot light is harmful in so many ways. Now that you've crushed this little girl’s poor fragile self-esteem and self-love, how do you plan on repairing this? Now that you've created an environment where her natural hair is the source of amusement and discussion upon other students, which can lead to bullying, how do you plan on repairing this?

All I have to say is SHAME ON YOU, Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky!

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