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Check out my YouTube channel Dearnatural62, Click Here for amazing works on Nail Art, Product Reviews, Story Time and so much more, and follow me on Instagram for an epic look of inspirations.  
Here are 20 Questions to get to know me!

  1. Describe your channel in one word: Personality-Filled!  
  2. Biggest YouTube Milestone: I've reached over 23+ Million Views, that's amazing to me, over 23 million people have seen me on YouTube.  Future YouTube Goal to reach over 200+K Subbies this year! So don't forget to sub: www.youtube.com/user/dearnatural62
  3. Why did you start a YouTube Channel: I wanted to share my natural hair journey with everyone, since I kept getting stopped on a daily basis in the streets regarding my hair!
  4. What Inspires You? Many things inspire me right now, from Fashion, Instagram and other social media site, Art, Street Fashion, Music and Music Videos, etc.
  5. Lighting set-up of Choice: I'm so in love with daylight light bulbs sold at Home Depot. But I do have my right light, spot lights, and professional lighting equipment also.
  6. Camera of Choice: For quick shots, I love my iPhone 6S and I use the Camera+ app. And then I also love my Canon t4i for other pictures and YouTube videos, but I love to get the Canon t6i, I am a techie at heart!
  7. Favorite Mascara:  Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara. 
  8. Night owl or Early-riser?  I'm both, I sleep real late like 2am, 3am editing YouTube videos or coming up with new ideas and I'm up early with no problems! 
  9. Favorite YouTube Channel: So many, I love YouTube Tag videos, How To videos, Beauty Videos, Music Videos!
  10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I'm open to everything the future has in store for me, I just want an abudance of so many things, Happiness, Creativity, Wealth! 
  11. Favorite emoji: The eye wink with the tongue out face. It gets me everytime! 
  12. Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram/Facebook. 
  13. Favorite Book: Anything written by James Patterson, I'm such a big fan.
  14. Favorite Way to Relax: A spa day, when I need a mental vacation from life, lol! 
  15. Describe Yourself in One Word: Fabulous! 
  16. If I didn’t have my YouTube Channel, I’dI'd probably be a motivational speaker! 
  17. Favorite Movie: Westsde Story (Of all time)
  18. Favorite TV Show: Currently, Reality Shows like Real Housewives (ATL, BH, NY, OC), Tiny Nation, Love and HipHop (ATL, NY), Orange is the New Black. 
  19. Favorite childhood memory: Getting a black eye at school and trying to explain to my mom that I fell on my face in the school yeard in a game of tag and a couple of kids piled onto of me, lol! Mom just couldn't believe that happened until she spoke to the school and they agreed with me.
  20. What’s your Nickname? Sandy, as a kid people it was the cutier version of my middle name and it just stuck till this day. 

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know me a little better and if you'd like to know anything please leave it in the comments sections!

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