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Check out this great unboxing and tasting of my Graze monthly subscription, with tasty healthy snacks!

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What is Graze?

Graze is a snack subscription service that delivers nutritious, delicious snack boxes right to your door, which I absolutely love! They combine wholesome ingredients, incredible flavors and inventive ideas to make 100+ unique snacks that taste exciting and you can feel good about eating, health and tasty! Each Graze box is made up of a selection of perfectly portioned snacks that are customized based on your taste and dietary preferences, giving you a variety of interesting snacking options that you can’t find anywhere else!


What’s new?

Graze shop allows grazers to enjoy their snacks like never before, providing a la carte purchasing options from multipacks of individual portion controlled snack packs to larger sized sharing bags and pantry ingredient bags. Launching alongside graze’s current subscription option, the shop allows enthusiasts to custom select their favorite treats. Shoppers can choose to stock up on portion controlled snack packs to stash personally or shop the sharing bags to keep on hand in the office or at home when noshing with family and friends.

Shop product options are:

Single portion snack 6 packs ($3.00 8.99) NEW!- graze’s individually portioned snack packs are now available in multipacks, so you can keep your favorites on hand.

Sharing bags ($3.99 4.99) - Resealable bags of 3 -5 portions of your favorite snacks, perfect for sharing with family and friends (or stocking up on your favorite treats!).

Ingredients by the bag ($1.99 6.99) NEW! - Grazers can now buy snack ingredients by the bag, providing the best whole foods and graze’s exclusive discoveries.

Special offer for you guys:

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NOTE: Promotion code is only valid in the United States

How is Graze Different?

1. Variety: Graze currently offers 100+ unique snack creations that you cannot get anywhere else.

2. Tasty Snacks with Benefits: Graze offers a range of tasty snacks that are nutritionist approved. All our snacks contain no GMO’s, no artificial flavors or colors, and no trans-fat.

3. Re-invented and re-imagined snacks: Graze prides ourselves on offering unique snack combinations you can’t find anywhere else. Each snack recipe combines multiple ingredients to create the perfect taste experience.

4. Personalization: The snacks in each box are customized based how you rate the snacks on our website. You can love, like, try, or trash each snack option. We then handpick a box based on these ratings to ensure you always receive the food tailored to your taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

Graze recognizes that everyone lives a busy lifestyle. Their snacks packs are perfect for slipping into your bag while on-the-go. They not only deliver straight to your office or home, their boxes are designed to fit into a standard mailbox, no signing necessary – less hassle for you.

More videos to come and thanks for watching and sharing these moments with me!

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