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Top 15 Travel Tips!

1.  Create a packing list, this saves me so much time in advance. I literally list everything I need and I also style out my outfits in advance, which takes out all the guess work. 
2.  Remember to pack light, think smaller! There is nothing more annoying than carry heavy luggages everywhere with you. I tend to travel with a carryon and an over the shoulder pocketbook. 
3.  Create a tech pouch, to houses all your chargers, memory cards, plugs in one spot. I tend to use a clear pouch for this, so everything is visible. 
4.  Travel documents, make sure to leave a copy with a family member or friend in the states, just in case. I always leave a copy of all my travel documents with a family member. I tend to be very organized when I travel. 
5.  Be open to the experience. Remember to try something new and exciting things and if you're thinking about doing a solo trip, go for it just do your research beforehand. I've done so many solo trips both nationally and internationally and they were the best.

6.  Currency exchange. If you have time look into changing your currency before your travel. Download a currency exchange app, this will save you time.
7.  Use compression socking’s/socks on flights longer than 4 hours. Due to the fact that you’re typically sleeping or sitting on long flights, your circulation is not working properly. I noticed this on my flight to Paris, France last summer, my feet were swollen a bit after my flight. Now I never leave home without my compression socks. 
8.  Use social media to discover and explore new places you might want to see, months before your travels. I'm part of a travel group on Facebook. 
9.  Trust that inner voice. If you feel like something is not safe, be cautious and head to a public area. 
10. Get to know the locals, they usually know the best places to eat, if you're a foodie like me trust me you won't regret it! I was just in the Bahamas recently and a local recommend a restaurant called Fish Fry, the food was amazing, it was a long walk to get there but well worth it. 
11. Create a music playlist. I love do this especially for cruises, while I'm doing my daily walks on the deck and great for all the time spent in the airport waiting on flights. 
12. Download a great phone app to make international calls. I use Talkatone, it’s free and you only need to sign up and have wifi to use it. I was recently in Toronto, Canada and this app saved my life. 
13. Let your bank know that you’re traveling. I remember I didn't do this once and the bank placed a hold on my debit card, for my safety of course. 
14. Use local transportation. I find I save so much money on trains and buses while I travel and it’s a great way to get to know where you’re traveling. 
15. Remember to take tons of pics and videos to create those unremarkable memories that you can look back on, like a travel diary. 
Please share your travel tips with me.

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