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I was inspired by Kylie Jenner's new Lip Kit to create these Coffin nail shape. And even my nail polish color choice was inspired my Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit. 

I'm also introducing and GIVING AWAY 2 Crystal Glass Nail File by GERmanikure.

Crystal Glass Nail File:
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Crystal Glass Nail Files 

A bohemian crystal glass nail files obtained under patent directly from the Czech Republic, where glass working is not just an art form, it is a way of life. These files are 3mm thick, chemically hardened against breaking and etched with a very fine texture that won't "sand" your nails like so many cheap imitations can. File either wet or dry and seal your nails with a crystal glass nail file that fits your personality exactly.

Crystal glass nail files have:
- Chemically etched and tempered glass that doesn't chip
- Hologram sticker of authenticity with a prominent patent number
- various designs and sayings to suit your personality
- Texture is part of the glass itself - so it is sterilizable and won't wear off.
- Hand ground, slightly rounded safety edges

GERmanikure products: 
Are created by craftsmen employed at a fair living wage
Are guaranteed free of child labor practices
Are crafted with durability in mind

Not only does the philosophy behind GERmanikure mantra glass nail files embody this theme of longevity, the files also help us to be more mindful. Each crystal glass file has a mantra subtly engraved into the handle. These mantras have enough texture so they may be felt while filing, providing the perfect centering reminder in the almost meditative process of smoothing and polishing your nails. The mantras are unique, and when held into the light, the engraved words light up as if lit from within. This subtlety is intentional, so the message each file contains remains an intimate expression between you and your loved one, or a reminder to yourself. 

Customize your GERmanikure set with a special nail file, or just purchase a file on it's own. There are so many sayings, these will make the perfect bridal or baby shower gift, or give them "just because". Each file comes protected in a soft leather sleeve. 

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